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25.Jan.2017 | The island of the Gods

Bali is the beautiful islands of the 1000 Gods. Can you imagine what a work it is to keep all the Gods ‘Senang’ (happy) :-) ? And the Balinese people do keep them happy by offering small and big gifts every day. It’s lovely to see and even though it cost them a fortune and a lot of time, they just do it to keep them all senang. Or better to say, to keep the evil spirits and black magic away.

Well and that’s the point where our story begin. It started with the big change between Africa and Asia. Cycling and non-cycling. Maybe we had some voodoo from Africa with us as black magic...

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01.Dec.2016 | Settle down

Did you ever start a ‘new life’ in terms of housing, work and trying to create a social life?

Once we arrived in Bali I can tell you that cycling around the world is so much easier than the process off settling down seems to be. While cycling there is always one thing for sure; you know that you don’t know  :-). Not knowing where you will eat, drink or sleep is so relaxing for the mind. You don’t know and that’s all there is.

While settling down in Bali there is a complete other process going on. Not knowing where you want to live. Who might be your future friend and...

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