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Saying goodbye to Africa

Saying goodbye to our cycling life at the most wonderful beaches we’ve ever seen! It’s time to give our white legs some sun. So far they were always protected from the sun and fully covered to respect the Muslim culture. Ha ha and holiday is not easy  :-). We were a bit jealous to see all the people lying for endless hours in the sun, just doing nothing. The best we could do was 1 hour on the stretcher reading a book. Proud! And still we loved it. Waking up and start the day with a dive in the sea, walking for hours along the beach, eating great seafood and close the evening with a good glass of wine and safari beer. Life is good.

We just rolled the last meters on the African continent. And every meter brought us some tears rolling over our cheeks. It’s good and at the same time somehow emotional; saying goodbye to our ‘cycling-adventurous-life’. We are forever grateful for the most amazing, interesting, crazy, hard working and beautiful 5 ½ years off our life.

At every end starts a new begin ….
Much love Isa and Youri

ps: we are already in Bali !