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The island of the Gods

Bali is the beautiful islands of the 1000 Gods. Can you imagine what a work it is to keep all the Gods ‘Senang’ (happy) :-) ? And the Balinese people do keep them happy by offering small and big gifts every day. It’s lovely to see and even though it cost them a fortune and a lot of time, they just do it to keep them all senang. Or better to say, to keep the evil spirits and black magic away.

Well and that’s the point where our story begin. It started with the big change between Africa and Asia. Cycling and non-cycling. Maybe we had some voodoo from Africa with us as black magic happened to us when they robbed all our stuff on lush and Green Island, called Bali. We just recovered from this adventure, settled down a little bit more and even started to get some routine for the day. As by the tradition we did some offering for the house and cleaned ourselves in the waterfall to get rid of the evil spirits.

I think it’s some lack of expertise as it didn’t work out that well. The mother of Youri is very ill and need our help, love and attention. So our Bali adventure will come to an end pretty soon! We will fly back home the 29th of January and I guess we will change the sun for the snow. We have many questions and no answers. No problem as we learned that everything will be solved somehow. But to help our luck a bit more we would ask your help regarding the following. Maybe you know;

People who want to rent out their house for a week, month, two months? Places where we can stay, people who will go on vacation and need ‘a babysit’ for the house or maybe a caravan somewhere … we’re open for everything. Ha ha and even a job, freelance work for the moment to help us covering the costs. All ideas are more than welcome!

We will eat our last nasi campur here, enjoying another bakso (soup) and saying goodbye with tears in our eyes. And if we speak the same language as the locals do we would say, Bali is not ready for us this time, or weren’t we ready for Bali?

Saying goodbye is letting go our expectations and welcome another start in Holland for now.

Love Isa and Youri