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Greetings from The Netherlands

Be careful what you wish as it might become true in a way you didn’t expect. After cycling we wished to set up another lifestyle in a house, surround with friends and with a nice job. All our wishes came true, yet in another way as we hoped for.  

We flew back home from Indonesia by the end of January as the mother from Youri was very ill. Thanks to all our good friends over here we had some hop-on-hop-off places to stay. And while Youri took good care of his mother, Isa started to work freelance in Amsterdam after 6 years of cycling. It was another adventure to get packed in the train, spending hours in an office while sipping over a coffee and chit chatting with my new colleagues. Getting dressed nicely each morning and facing difficulties what to choose from, as I never had something to choose for the past 6 years!

Youri stayed with his mother for 3 months. Taking care of her while her health was going downwards. Staying close with your mother at the end of her life is such a respectful way to thank her for your life. It was the best way to say goodbye and let her go. Sadly she passed away on the 17th of April.

Right now we have a place to live which gives us some rest after a crazy time. Meanwhile we’re discussing the next step in life. Youri would love to build a house in Spain while Isa would love to settle down in Africa to help other people. There is only one sea difference and we’re sure that the next blog will tell you and us more about the outcome of this :-). For now we will leave you with an open end to be continued.

And Holland is great! Cycling around, enjoy the picnic in the park, spending time with friends and family, eating loads of cheese accompanied by some good wine, going to Oerol and selecting our pictures from the ride from Egypt to Tanzania. It was a wonderful trip with sweet memories. You can enjoy this tour by seeing the pictures as it’s all online, so enjoy it !

And after our stay in Uganda Isa left for three months cycling through Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania:

Meeting each other in Tanzania again where you can see our beautiful pictures of Tanzania and Indonesia:

Next adventure is about to come. If you have a nice idea; we’re open for anything and would love to hear from you. And for now; Isa will leave for India to be a tour leader for the next 21-days while Youri will continue visiting friends, working online and drinking beer :-).

Lots of love from the Netherlands,

Isa and Youri​